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IBM-DPTA-372050 (hard disk)

Added by ALMICO on 11 may 2002

You might need to run IBM FEATURE TOOL in order to enable temperature reading

Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Speed 30 jan 2003 6 NAPOLEON
Speed is OK, but my 5400 RPM Maxtor is faster!
01 oct 2002 7 ALMICO
Honest 7200 RPM HDD. Easily beaten by newer ones
Reliability 30 jan 2003 8 NAPOLEON
Everything works fine so far!
01 oct 2002 9 ALMICO
Even being an IBM, it never gave me aby problem in years of 24/7 use
Silentness 05 nov 2006 2 COFFEE
I don't know if I had a bad HD, but this thing was obnoxiously loud!
30 jan 2003 3 NAPOLEON
This Drive is very loud at diskaccsses.

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