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Handles the acquisition from scanners (devices) that are TWAIN compliant. Selecting the desired scanner and acquiring an image is as easy as thinking of it :-) No more troubles with DIBs conversion, and misterious message handling! Direct source selection from an easy to pick available sources list. Tested with HP, Epson, Logitech, Mustek and several other scanners over a wide range of computers. Works with Delphi 1, Delphi 2, Delphi 3, Delphi 4, Delphi 5, Delphi 6, C++Builder 1, C++Builder 3, C++Builder 4, C++Builder 5.

Version Release date What's new
2.12 01 jan 2003 - added full support for Delphi 7
2.11 30 oct 2001 - added full support for Delphi 6
2.10 14 jan 2001 - fixed a problem with some user interfaces used by some scanners causing some controls (mostly combo-boxes) to work incorrectly when accessed through the mouse
- extensively tested with an high-speed ADF scanner resulting in no problem at all
- added full support for every version of Delphi and C++Builder: now it works perfectly with Delphi 1, Delphi 2, Delphi 3, Delphi 4, Delphi 5, C++Builder 1, C++Builder 3, C++Builder 4, C++Builder 5. Installing in latest IDEs is as easy as adding a simple package
- right-clicking on the component at design time you get a clear information about the shareware status of the component (mostly useful for registered user to know if they managed to correctly update the component upon registration)
- Delphi 4, Delphi 5, C++Builder 3, C++Builder 4, C++Builder 5 versions now use two different packages: one for design time and another for run time
2.09 13 may 1999 - added full support for Delphi 4 even in the trial version (BPL included)
2.08 26 nov 1998 - added property XFerCount to start supporting ADFs
- added support for C++Builder 3
- added full support for Delphi 4
- fixed a bug that could cause the application not to properly shut down under some circumstances
2.07 25 dec 1997 - fixed a bug that could cause an error when acquiring in non interactive mode (without the standard dialog)
- added event OnCaptureFailure to trap errors while acquiring
- added event OnCaptureCancel to trap the cancel button from the standard dialog
2.06 18 nov 1997 - added property sources to know which TWAIN sources are available on the system
- added property source to select the source to be used when acquiring
- the help file now supports CBuilder format for easy integration
- updated pre-compiled demos to include support for the latest features like built-in support for selecting the desired source
2.05 19 sep 1997 - when acquiring from a device that has the AutoFeeder, only one image is received
- added property LightPath that describes whether the image was captured transmissively or reflectively
- added full support for CBuilder 1.0
2.04 10 jun 1997 - added full support for Delphi 3
2.03 19 apr 1997 - monochrome bitmaps are now handled better (using 1 bit B/W bitmaps), to reduce memory requirements
- SelectSource has become a function (returns TRUE if the user selected a source)
- corrected the help file for DeviceOnLine (use of TEtwBoolean instead of boolean)
- corrected the help file for BitDepth (now shows bit depths up to 15 bpp)
2.02 27 feb 1997 - extended the property BitDepth to hold bit depths up to 15bpp (bits per plane), thus being ready to acquire images up to 45 bits
- updated demo project to use new BitDepth features
- the demo project now checks for supported capabilities and disables controls accordingly
- done some minor changes to handle correctly some scanners that checked the TWAIN version supported by TEnhTwain
- the component version is now shown when right-clicking on it at design time
2.01 14 feb 1997 - added new event OnRawData. When used, passes the handle of the newly acquired image without any further intervention, thus allowing the programmer to do whatever he likes with the data. Designed to work with 30 or more bit depths
2.00 20 jan 1997 - the acquisition of an image can now be done without the dialog coming up
- added full support for Delphi 1 (16 bit)
- added function DeviceOnLine to know if a device is linked, switched on and operative
- added property BitDepth to set the number of bits per sample
- added property BDReduction to select how to reduce the number of bits per sample (halftones, diffusion, threshold,...)
- added property FastUI to speed up scanner's own modal dialog
- added property Indicators to disable status windows during acquisition
- added property PixelType to select what kind of image to acquire (B/W, Gray, RGB, Palette)
- added property Units to choose the units to be used
- added properties XRes and YRes to select the resolution
- added event OnLayout to choose which part of the image needs to be acquired
1.01 23 dec 1996 - added a demo project
1.00 20 nov 1996 - initial release
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