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01 jan 2003


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These two components handle audio playing and recording. Easy to use. Get full advantage of buffering and queueing with no effort. All the dirty work is done by these two components. These components are shareware. Version 1.03 is still freeware to let you taste the quality of my software and to thank all those who wrote high quality freeware components :-)

Version Release date What's new
2.07 01 jan 2003 - added full support for Delphi 7
2.06 30 oct 2001 - added full support for Delphi 6
- added full support for Delphi 5
2.03 13 may 1999 - added full support for Delphi 4 even in the trial version (BPL included)
2.02 15 jan 1999 - added full support for Delphi 4
2.01 28 sep 1997 - added volume property to TEnhWaveOut to allow reading and setting volume both at design and run time
- the samples property now is of type longint instead of type integer to allow using 44.100 Hz under Delphi 1
- added full support for CBuilder 1.0
- added property capabilities to know what your sound card supports
- fixed a bug when closing wav file to allow reopening it
2.00 18 jun 1997 - starting from this release, these components have become shareware
- version 1.03 is still available as freeware
- added full support for Delphi 1 and Delphi 3
- added property FileName to TEnhWaveIn to store incoming samples to a file with no further programming intervention (the event OnData still works, even if the component is automatically recording data to a file)
1.03 01 may 1997 - added property Device to select to/from which audio device send/receive samples
1.02 13 jan 1997 - TenhWaveIn now correctly unprepares memory buffers
- TEnhWaveIn.close and TEnhWaveOut.close now correctly update the status of property IsOpen
1.01 23 dec 1996 - added a demo project
1.00 20 nov 1996 - initial release
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