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GL520SM (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 12 aug 2001
The GL520SM is a low-cost and highly integrated circuit designed in CMOS technology which serves as a hardware monitor of any microprocessor based system. The GL520SM can be used to monitor temperatures, power supply voltages and fan speeds in a PC system. By connecting to an external thermistor for remote sensing applications, the GL520SM allows more flexibility in location of the sensor. The GL520SM will generate interrupts and drive different square-like wave which allows the speaker to sound the alarm when it detects the abnormal situation. Through the SMBus interface, the host can program the temperature trip points and query the GL520SM about the interrupt status, current temperature, voltage and fan speed. This chip can operate in two different modes that share one sensor. This means you can have either 1 temp and 5 volts or 2 temps and 4 volts.

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