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Superb 4FX (motherboard)
Added by ALMICO on 11 jan 2005

Feature Vote Votes Your vote Your comment
Stability 10 1
Overclocking 6 1
Speed 10 1
Features 7 1
Addons 7 1
Price 10 1
Fan speed changing 10 1

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Fan speed changing 11 jan 2005 10 DARQUESOUL can be changed easily from the CMOS, and Speed Fan works for that as well
Price 11 jan 2005 10 DARQUESOUL you can get it for as low as $23 at pricewatch
Addons 11 jan 2005 7 DARQUESOUL its pretty average in this area
Features 11 jan 2005 7 DARQUESOUL it come with some nice programs and some features not available with "cheap" motherboards
Speed 11 jan 2005 10 DARQUESOUL you can put any 478 prossesor in there, nice, and uses 1600/2100/2700/3200 RAM, up to 3gigs
Overclocking 11 jan 2005 6 DARQUESOUL its ok, no where near as good as an MSI board, it only give 2 options, 133mhz and 200mhz
Stability 11 jan 2005 10 DARQUESOUL very stable with and easy to use CMOS


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