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LM99 (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 24 sep 2005
The LM99 is an 11-bit remote diode temperature sensor with a 2-wire System Management Bus (SMBus) serial interface. The LM99 accurately measures: its own temperature and the temperature of a remote diode-connected transistor such as the 2N3904 or a thermal diode commonly found on Graphics Processor Units (GPU), Computer Processor Units (CPU or other ASICs. The LM99 has an Offset Register which provides a means for precise matching to various thermal diodes. The LM99 and LM99-1 have the same functions but different SMBus slave addresses. This allows for one of each to be on the same bus at the same time. Activation of the ALERT output occurs when any temperature goes outside a preprogrammed window set by the HIGH and LOW temperature limit registers or exceeds the T_CRIT temperature limit. Activation of the T_CRIT_A occurs when any temperature exceeds the T_CRIT programmed limit.

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Power -- --
Reliability 7 3
Ease of use 6 2
Features 7 4

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Ease of use 15 oct 2008 4 ANTORILILU Remote should have 4 degree offset
Features 15 oct 2008 8 ANTORILILU
Reliability 15 oct 2008 9 ANTORILILU
Features 17 feb 2008 5 SUPERDUDE688 nothing you can really do with it, and u cant see gpu diode like in everest ultimate
Ease of use 17 feb 2008 8 SUPERDUDE688 you have to config the remote temp to 5C offset (gpu temp) for it to be right
Reliability 17 feb 2008 10 SUPERDUDE688 Seems to always be right, though remote is off by 5C just offset it and its okay
Features 22 jul 2007 8 JAMDL I think the Local and Remote LM99 sensors SpeedFan finds are from my gfx card (nvidia 6800GS): ambient and GPU.GPU off by 3-4
Reliability 13 apr 2006 1 CROESCHERT The LM89 Sensor on my Aopen 6800GT is detected as LM99 and shows a NEGATIVE temperature of -61C when idle. How can this happen?
Features 27 nov 2005 8 EWOUTVDL The LM89 sensor on my XFX 6800GT PCIe is being detected as LM99. It reads GPU and GPU Ambient temps, the GPU temp is off by 4C


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