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IS7-G (motherboard)
Added by ALMICO on 30 may 2003

Feature Vote Votes Your vote Your comment
Stability 5 2
Overclocking 9 1
Speed 9 1
Features 10 1
Addons 9 1
Price 9 1
Fan speed changing 8 1

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Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Stability 06 may 2008 2 BJ-NIEL
Fan speed changing 01 aug 2003 8 PT Would like to see all fans adjust, only seems to support adjusting 2 fans. CPU and Chipset
Price 01 aug 2003 9 PT Excellent price from
Addons 01 aug 2003 9 PT Mountains of add-on stuff. Firewire, SATA, USB, PAT on i865PE chipset
Features 01 aug 2003 10 PT See Addons
Speed 01 aug 2003 9 PT Very fast, especially w/PAT enabled
Overclocking 01 aug 2003 9 PT My 2.0A is running at 2.66 w/o problems.
Stability 01 aug 2003 8 PT See overclocking.


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