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Winbond W83637HF (sensor)
Added by ALMICO on 19 jul 2002
The W83637HF is the new generation of Winbond's LPC I/O products. It is an evolving product from Winbond’s most popular LPC I/O chip W83627HF – which integrates the disk driver adapter, serial port (UART), keyboard controller (KBC), SIR, CIR, game port, MIDI port, hardware monitor, ACPI, On Now Wake-Up – plus additional new features: the Smart Card reader interface and Memory Stick reader interface. The disk drive adapter functions of W83637HF include a floppy disk drive controller compatible with the industry standard 82077/765. The wide range of functions integrated onto the W83637HF greatly reduces the number of components required for interfacing with floppy disk drives. The W83637HF provides two high-speed serial communication ports (UARTs), one of which supports serial Infrared communication. In addition, the W83637HF provides IR functions: IrDA 1.0 (SIR for 1.152K bps) and TV remote IR. The W83637HF supports one PC-compatible printer port (SPP), Bi-directional Printer port (BPP) and also Enhanced Parallel Port (EPP) and Extended Capabilities Port (ECP). Furthermore, the configurable PnP features are compatible with the plug-and-play feature demand of Windows 95/98, which makes system resource allocation more efficient than ever. The W83637HF provides functions that complies with ACPI. The W83637HF provides a set of flexible I/O control functions to the system designer through a set of General Purpose I/O ports. The W83637HF is made to fully comply with Microsoft PC98 and PC99 Hardware Design Guide. The W83637HF supports hardware status monitoring for personal computers. It can be used to monitor several critical hardware parameters of the system, including power supply voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures, which are very important for a high-end computer system to work stably and properly. Moreover, W83637HF support the Smart Fan control system, including the "Thermal Cruise" and "Speed Cruise" functions. Smart Fan can make system more stable and user friendly.

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Power 6 3
Reliability 5 3
Ease of use 4 2
Features 5 2

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Reliability 20 mar 2009 7 BAIATUL_OKEY
Power 20 mar 2009 8 BAIATUL_OKEY
Features 23 jun 2006 8 SAKULPOL
Ease of use 23 jun 2006 7 SAKULPOL
Reliability 23 jun 2006 8 SAKULPOL
Power 23 jun 2006 8 SAKULPOL
Features 29 jun 2005 1 SNOA
Ease of use 29 jun 2005 1 SNOA
Reliability 29 jun 2005 1 SNOA
Power 29 jun 2005 1 SNOA


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