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PC87360 (sensor)

Added by ALMICO on 02 dec 2001

The PC87360 is the first member of National Semiconductor's 128-pin SuperI/O family to support the Low Pin Count (LPC) interface. It provides features to protect the system design, and supports 45 GPIO ports, many with Assert IRQ/SMI/PWUREQ capability. The PC87360 is PC99 and ACPI compliant, and offers a single-chip solution to the most commonly used PC I/O peripherals. The PC87360 also incorporates: Fan Speed Control and Monitoring for two fans, a Floppy Disk Controller (FDC), a Keyboard and Mouse Controller (KBC), a full IEEE 1284 Parallel Port, two enhanced Serial Ports (UARTs), one with Infrared (IR) support, an ACCESS.bus Interface (ACB), System Wake-Up Control (SWC), Interrupt Serializer for Parallel IRQs and an enhanced WATCHDOGä timer.

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