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CUSI-M (motherboard)

Added by ALMICO on 12 may 2002


Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Stability 21 feb 2004 10 THEFT_EXP
its amazingly stable i've got a PIII 933 @ 1016 and t does just fine
Overclocking 21 feb 2004 5 THEFT_EXP
you cant clock it very far FSB goes until 144
Speed 21 feb 2004 3 THEFT_EXP
it very slow dont know if its me or more peaple have that (bios 1009)
Features 21 feb 2004 6 THEFT_EXP
its a complete mobo with everything on it
Price 21 feb 2004 10 THEFT_EXP
got it for free ;-)
Fan speed changing 21 feb 2004 6 THEFT_EXP
it does changes the speeds but it does them all on the same time, you cant adjust then seperatly

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