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MAXTOR 6L060J3 (hard disk)

Added by ALMICO on 11 may 2002


Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Speed 05 sep 2006 8 SKAGON
Fast enough, even with today's standards
10 aug 2005 6 RSZUECS
Reliability 05 sep 2006 10 SKAGON
Reliable 100% even after 4.5 years and repeated sudden power-downs.
10 aug 2005 10 RSZUECS
Silentness 05 sep 2006 4 SKAGON
The weak point of the drive. Using conventional bearings (not fluid bearings), its spindle produces an uncomfortable whine.
10 aug 2005 6 RSZUECS
much better with Acoustic Management ON, but nowhere near of Samsung or Seagate

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