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Thunder i860 (motherboard)

Added by ALMICO on 12 may 2002

I've been reported that by using BIOS version 1.04 and Management Firmware W1C50, all 6 fans can be individually controlled. SMBus is unavailable until reboot

Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Stability 19 sep 2002 10 KROBAR
Never Seen A Crash
Overclocking 19 sep 2002 2 KROBAR
No existent, but the clockgen could be soldered for 533FSB and Xeons are multiplier unlocked
Speed 19 sep 2002 9 KROBAR
Dual Xeon, Dual channel PC800 and onboard SCSI, need I say more
Features 19 sep 2002 8 KROBAR
Sound, SCSI, AGP4X Pro, 8 Rimms and Zircon controller to play with.
Price 19 sep 2002 4 KROBAR
Fan speed changing 19 sep 2002 6 KROBAR
Good and smooth but only works for the 2cpu fans (Half to Full speed) and one chassis fan (Stop to Full Speed)

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