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SB51G (motherboard)

Added by ALMICO on 09 dec 2005


Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Stability 09 dec 2005 8 GLYCOL
One of the best PC's I've owned in this respect
Overclocking 09 dec 2005 4 GLYCOL
Only the FSB speed can be changed in BIOS
Speed 09 dec 2005 7 GLYCOL
Mostly fits my requirements
Features 09 dec 2005 7 GLYCOL
Good at the time of purchase
Addons 09 dec 2005 8 GLYCOL
Good accessories generally, but some are not good value
Price 09 dec 2005 6 GLYCOL
Somewhat expensive at the time
Fan speed changing 09 dec 2005 10 GLYCOL
Excellent, thanks to Alfredo's work!

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