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GA-X48-DS5 (motherboard)

Added by ALMICO on 24 sep 2009


Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Stability 25 sep 2009 9 PEU123
exellent at standard speeds and overclock
Overclocking 25 sep 2009 8 PEU123
very good, easy bios menu currently E6850 3.0Mhz @ 3.7Mhz on air
Speed 25 sep 2009 8 PEU123
very good speed
Features 25 sep 2009 9 PEU123
excellent, heatpipe cooling, 5 fans, 2lans, 2 RAID
Addons 25 sep 2009 8 PEU123
very good
Price 25 sep 2009 7 PEU123
not bad considering what one gets
Fan speed changing 25 sep 2009 9 PEU123
no problems at all

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