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SE6 (motherboard)

Added by ALMICO on 22 oct 2002


Feature Date Vote Voted by Comment
Stability 14 oct 2003 7 MARIN849
Rock solid except for the common Abit capacitor problem (just exchange the caps and you're rock solid again!)
Overclocking 14 oct 2003 4 MARIN849
Max 153 FSB and the built in soundcard stops working at 140fsb due to pci bus overklock.
Speed 14 oct 2003 7 MARIN849
Features 14 oct 2003 8 MARIN849
Built in sound and graphics.
Price 14 oct 2003 5 MARIN849
Fan speed changing 14 oct 2003 7 MARIN849
PWM2=FAN1. PWM1 is connected but no function. You can pickup PWM1 just over the SMB2 header and use a mosfet.

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